Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise a Dog Instead


Title:《宫斗不如养条狗》, 《Gong Dou Bu Ru Yang Tiao Gou》

Author: 风流书呆, Feng Liu Shu Dai, Casanovanic Bookworm

Translator’s notes (click here for clarifications and a short glossary)

Summary (Author)

The process through which the “Cur-dog Emperor” gets adopted by the “Shield and Buckler” favored consort, following the favored consort through the ruthless intrigue of the harem while finding true love.
-P.S. Only the dog emperor will be abused in mind and body, the female lead will not be abused.
-The dog king will recover his human body.
-This is not a legitimate harem drama novel – there will be love, there will be pampering.
-Enormous goldfingers, shocking melodramas, all part of the package.

Looking at his own concubines and imperial offspring from a doggy’s perspective:
-Who used to be the sweet and gentle eloquent flower turns out to be a venus fly trap behind the scenes.
-Who used to be the filial and courteous, intelligent and adorable imperial princes and princesses transform into demons in a flash.
The progression (of the story) overturns understandings and unmasks countless illusions.

But by the protection of the gods, the dog emperor met a healing owner.  Although the path is rough, the end is pleasant.

Summary (Translator)

The virtuous consort Meng Sangyu was Emperor Zhou’wu, Gu Shaoze’s, “favored consort.” Little known to outsiders, she was just a shield he set up to protect his “true love.”

Emperor Zhou’wu was a paranoid ruler. He has never liked any of his concubines (except his “true love,” of course), and most of all, the unpleasant virtuous consort – but he had no choice but to tolerate her. She was flauntatious, ostentatious and cruel, in stark contrast to his kind, pure-hearted and noble true love that is forced to hide in the shadows.

But what happens when this cur-dog emperor becomes a real dog?  And what happens when his puppy body is adopted by his “ostentatious favored consort?”

This is the story of how the truths of the harem suddenly come to light to an unsuspecting emperor.

To his puppy body, the unsuspecting members of his harem show their true colors:

  • The sweet and gentle flower of his harem turns out to be a venus fly trap.
  • His favorite, beautiful and gentle children show their abusive sides hidden before him.

Through his struggle to return to his body, he discovers the darkness in his harem and what “true love” actually is, running down the path of becoming a loyal dog with no return.

Content Labels: Time Traveling (Chuan Yue), Palace and Nobility, Destined Love

Keywords: Protagonists: Meng Sangyu, Gu Shaoze  |  Antagonists/Sidekicks: Shen Huiru, Li Shujing, Other Concubines


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**Dropped. This story has been picked up by Nyamachi.

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